Do you have a legal hemp farm in Europe and are you looking for a reliable customer? Contact us – we will visit your plantation with pleasure.

We want the crops to be of the highest quality – that's why we personaly visit every supplier, to check on the growing conditions and to disscus terms of the partnership.

Before we meet, prepare a sample and send it to Cannalabs laboratory in Gdańsk to evaluate it in terms of cannabionids, heavy metals and pescitide content. With that we can decide, if your farms is satisfying our requirements. If everything is alright – we'll establish terms of long-term contract. We reserve the right to establishing cooperation only with chosen candidates.

Get your fincancial stability:


Regular buyer

We buy well dried, seed-less hemp in amounts over 100 kg.


Long-term cooperation

We appreciate suppliers sharing our values and we offer long term contracts.


Quality control

Thanks to our knowledge and experience, we can help you with improving your plantation.

Multiply your earnings by working with reliable producer



“I love the fact that Your products are so close to nature. The quality and passion you offer are why we opted for you”

- A Private Label customer


“Having tested many CBD oils and after many meetings with producers, we went with Cannapol. Their oils are of the finest quality and that’s exactly what we expect for our Clients. Most make multiple purchases maintaining very high opinions. To boot, their Client service exceeds all expectations"

- Nicholas Steele, owner of MPH Limited


“I was taken aback by the number of poor quality products on the market. So, I ended up spending many months checking out suppliers before actually making my decision. Your product quality and engagement have dispelled any doubts I may have had initially.”

- Private Label customer