Wheather you are wholesailer, online retailer or local retailer, you might already know how much effort it is to find a solid supplier. Do you want to skip the middlemen and save on the commisions? Are you tired of low-quality products made with isolate? Or maybe you are planning to start your own brand of hemp products? Contact us!

Take care of your customers, by offering them only the best, high-quality organic oils, extracts, and e-liquids.


  • Save on interest and earn more

    Why pay the middleman? By cooperating directly with us, you gain Dutch quality, invaluable knowhow and attractive, long-term conditions of cooperation.

  • Build a reputation of a trusted salesperson

  • Give your clients tried and tested hemp oils, with an unparalleled clarity and natural composition. Make sure your consumer believes in you and always comes back for more.

  • Test, test and test

  • Know well whau are selling – and know its good! If you are interested in cooperation, you will receive a free set of samples of all Cannapol products.

  • Build your own brand

    Purchase products in collective packages or order a production batch with your own label. We offer our support in designing the label with the help of an experienced graphic designer.


Fast shipping::
up to 4 days


Free samples:
2ml bottles


Minimum order value: 500 €

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