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Get ahead of the competition, selling unique composition of 5 hemp species



As one of few producers in Europe, we cultivate 5 hemp species, each having its own unique properties. Thanks to combining and mixing together different cannabinoids, we have patented original recipes, attaining an unmatchable synergy effect.

You can find compostions with 1 or 2 strains of hemp, as well as an absolute hemp novelty on the market: Cannapol N.5, a product combining the essence of 5 hemp species.




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Cannapol N°5 


A luxury oil for fans of supreme quality. This oil is created according to our own family recipe, from 5 hemp species cultivated in the South of France. Crops are harvested according to traditional herbal practices, while the purest of CO2 extraction processes ensure an optimal concoction of valuable ingredients.

The oil does not undergo dewaxing or heating processes, thanks to which it has a natural, thick consistency. As a Full Spectrum oil, Cannapol N°5 has, besides CBD/CBDa, also an exceptionally high, unparalleled level of CBG and CBC.

Out of all products available in our offer, this unique concoction of 5 hemp species fills this oil with a plethora of cannabinoids, resulting in the highest quality with a synergetic, multidimensional neuroprotective effect. 

This is a product suited mostly to conscious, demanding clients looking for an effective, strong product supporting the good functioning of the body.


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Choose Full Spectrum for your customers

We offer Full Spectrum Oils, with all cannabinoids (with THC always below 0,2%). For active people we created Broad Spectrum series – products rich in every cannabinoids besides THC.


Helps with pain and inflammation mitigation.


Antiseptic properties; decreases stress and relaxes.


Shows neuropotective, analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties.


Composition of the strongest ingridients

Cannapol Special

Cannapol Special is our one of a kind series, enriched by herbs and extracts from all over the world. Incredible properties of CBD got improved by other natural miracles. Astaxanthin, Hops, Angelica's Root – those are only part of what we offer for natural support of your body.
Cannapol Special were created for demanding client with holistic approach to health.


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Full Spectrum Pure Pleasure

cannapol raw

Cannapol RAW

100% natural, unwaxed, thick oil from 2 carefully selected hemp species. It is produced in combination with MCT coconut oil, which helps to absorb cannabinoids. The extract is unheated and retains a high ratio of CBDA to CBD. The natural CO2 extraction process removes most of the chlorophyll, thanks to which the oil has an amber colour and mild flavour.

Cannapol RAW is a Full Spectrum oil – it contains a full range of cannabinoids and is rich in terpenes and natural, beneficial properties. The CBD/CBDA content equals a minimum 5% and has a THC content below 0.2%



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Natural Power of Cannabinoids

cannapol raw

Cannapol Super RAW

Super RAW is an oil produced from one hemp species, cultivated on a well-nurtured plantation. Its dark colour is down to its high level of natural chlorophyll found in the plant. As with aforementioned oils, this one also does not undergo heating or dewaxing processes, so it retains its thick, turbid consistency. CO2 supercritical extraction in low temperatures is totally safe for the extracted ingredients and the non-toxic solvents guarantee absolute chemical purity.

As a Full Spectrum oil, Cannapol Super RAW contains min. 5% CBD and CBDA, with a THC content below 0.2% and is rich in terpenes and all natural properties.



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Decarboxylated power of CBD

Clarity and light consistency

cannapol ultimate

Cannapol Ulitmate


This is an unwaxed, organic oil, extracted from two species of hand-picked hemp. It undergoes the process of decarboxylation (by heating), during which the natural high acidic level of CBDA takes on the form of neutral CBD. This results in Cannapol Ultimate containing more CBD than CBDA.

The oil is also rich in terpenes, though not as much as in the oils that remain unheated as some terpenes are removed due to the heating process.



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cannapol ultimate

Cannapol N°1


A dewaxed oil that combines the health-beneficial effects of two hemp species. Cleansing the oil of wax greatly improves the taste and makes the consistency more liquid and clear. In the process of dewaxing, the process of decarboxylation takes place, resulting in a lower level of CBDA content and terpenes as well as decreasing the level of chlorophyll.

The carrier of valuable substances found in the extract is MCT coconut oil. The content of CBD/CBDA equals 5%, while the level of THC – below 0.2%.



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Broad spectrum for the active

cannapol active

Cannapol Active

An oil perfect for the active, sportsperson – it contains a wide range of valuable cannabinoids, excluding THC. This means that there is no risk of THC accumulating in the body when applied long-term.

Cannapol Activ is extracted from a distillate, is pleasant for the palate and includes CBD without any CBDA. As a Broad Spectrum oil, it is also rich in natural terpenes. It’s ideal for those leading an active lifestyle.



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Broad spectrum
for e-smokers


Oils based on PG/VG with a Broad Spectrum distillate additive are on offer for e-cigarette fans. There are 3 to chose from, each with a different composition of cannabinoids:

  • Strawberry Banana – CBD with a small amount of CBG and CBC.

  • Juicy Melon – a combination of CBD with an average amount of CBG and CBC.

  • Ripe Mango – a combination of CBD with a high amount of CBG and CBC.


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Broad spectrum for pets


cannapol petol


Cannapetol is a product used as a supplement in the treatment of dogs and cats. It does not contain THC, while its lack of terpenes means that it is better received by animals. MCT coconut oil has been substituted with omega-3 fatty fish oils, which means the taste is much better and the oils have a positive effect on the fur and immunity of pets.

Cannapetol oil is extracted from a hemp distillate and decarboxylated in the production process. As a result, it does not contain any acid forms, but still has a synergy effect in combining the complete range of cannabinoids.



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cannapol raw

Cannapol RAW
+ Ashwagandha

Indian recipe for vitality

A 30% Full Spectrum hemp extract combined with a 70% ashwagandha extract – an Indian plant positively triggering a vitality boost. Thanks to its high concentration of withanolides, it activates the brain’s receptors, helps maintain good physical and mental condition and boosts concentration. This beneficial plant also shows an anti-stress effect.

The ashwagandha extract is produced according to our own recipe, by combining high-quality dried ashwagandha with MCT coconut oil. Our thorough quality control throughout the production stages makes each and every bottle full of natural ingredients.


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cannapol raw

Cannapol RAW
+ Turmeric & Piperine

WMultidimensional body protection

This product is produced by combining natural, non-dewaxed Full Spectrum hemp oil with turmeric – an Indian spice. With a 70% turmeric extract, it is possible to benefit from the health-promoting, universal effect the spice has on the body. The addition of natural piperine enables the good absorption of turmeric, allowing its natural properties to be ingested by the body.

Turmeric is used, among others, in cases of changes in the brain and in cancer prevention. This spice also shows properties positively affecting the functioning of the digestive tract – it triggers the release of bile, pancreatic enzymes as well as gastrin. It has antibacterial and muscle relaxing effects.


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cannapol raw

Cannapol RAW
+ Ginkgo Biloba

The secret of youthfulness

This product has a 70% Ginkgo Biloba extract combined with Full Spectrum natural oil produced from 2 hemp species. Ginkgo Biloba has a positive effect of improving blood circulation. By oxygenating cells, it improves concentration and gives boost during intensive mental work. When used systematically, you can observe an improvement in memory processes, thus making you think quicker.

Ginkgo Biloba is valued for its anti-aging, painkiller and regulatory effects and is often recommended to the elderly.


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cannapol raw

Cannapol RAW
+ St. John's Wort

For better digestion and wellbeing

This product is a natural, high-value Full Spectrum hemp oil combined with a 70% extract of the popular herb – St. John’s Wort. The extract was produced with the dried herb and MCT coconut oil.

St. John’s Wort is full of nutritious substances, such as rutins, hyperforins, tannins, essential oils, organic acids, resins and mineral salts, among others. This plant is applied in the treatment of digestive tract problems – it works by relaxing the muscles, boosting the appetite and increasing the secretion of digestive fluids.

Due to its anti-depressant and soothing properties, St. John’s Wort is recommended in cases of depressive mood states, nervous exhaustion or when suffering from anxiety.


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The best of Hemp


Cannapol Extract


Products combining the natural extracts of three hemp species with a small amount of coconut oil. Full Spectrum extracts are in no way processed and are available in different concentrations. These products are characterised by their thickness. Since they cannot be applied with a pipette, they are packed in handy, 10-gramme tubes.


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Perfectly clear (99,9%) CBD isolate in bulk packages: recrystalised 5-times, white, powder form without fat or wax.



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Broad Spectrum CBD Distillate: a distilled extract (80–99%), containing all cannabinoids excluding THC.


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