RAW+ Ashwagandha

RAW+ Ashwagandha


A 30% Full Spectrum hemp extract combined with a 70% ashwagandha extract – an Indian plant positively triggering a vitality boost. Thanks to its high concentration of withanolides, it activates the brain’s receptors, helps maintain good physical and mental condition and boosts concentration. This beneficial plant also shows an anti-stress effect.

The ashwagandha extract is produced according to our own recipe, by combining high-quality dried ashwagandha with MCT coconut oil. Our thorough quality control throughout the production stages makes each and every bottle full of natural ingredients.

CBD/CBDA: 2% (full spectrum)
THC/THCA: <0,2%

Warning: This is a dietary supplement that should not be used as a replacement to diversified diet. To stay healthy you should keep a diversified diet and a healthy way of life. Product should not be used by children younger than 12 y.o., pregnant or breastfeeding women. Product should not be used cocurrently with antidepressants [SSRI, SNRI, MAO inhibitors], anti-viral related to treating HIV/AIDS or during post-transplant treatment. Keep away from children. Keep in dry place in temp. below 25 deegres Celcius, out of direct sunlight. Keep safe from heat, freezing temp. and humidity. Producer is not responsible for damages resulting from improper usage and handling.