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Cannapol Super RAW

Cannapol SUPER RAW


Super RAW 10 ml 9g :  25 euro
CBDa 335mg; CBD 54mg; CBG/CBGa 9mg; CBD/CBDa 4,88% ; THC < 0,2% Organic Olive Oil
Super RAW 50ml 45g : 100 euro
CBDa 1675; CBD 270mg; CBG/CBGa 45mg; CBD/CBDa 4,88% ; THC < 0,2% Organic Olive Oil
Super RAW 100ml 90g: 150 euro
CBDa 3350mg; CBD 540mg; CBG/CBGa 90mg; CBD/CBDa 4,88% ;THC < 0,2% Organic Olive Oil
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Shipping to Netherlands and Germany free of charge.
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1 We make our products from start to finish, so by choosing us you cut out the middleman. That's why our wholesale and retail prices are super low.
2 We prepare our CBD oils only from organically grown hemp, and mix it with bio-certified best quality Greek olive oil.
3 Our products are of the highest quality, because we are in control of all the manufacturing processes.
4 The purity of our products is guaranteed due to our expert use of co2 supercritical extraction.
5 All our products are laboratory tested by a qualified laboratory.
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